About Us

Rocketfire Guitars is the work of Electrical Engineer Nick Sorenson started in 2004 by building SRV #1 copies with quality parts and vintage specs. Growing from there, Rocketfire has taken the pursuit to the next level combining old world soul with today's craftsmanship, playability, and quality control expectations. Building guitars is an art and not something any good builder does to make a million dollars. If it's done right it's done because the builder has a product they believe is superior to what's already being produced. What we do here is not done for the money. It's done on a very small scale. It's done with the hopes that some day these instruments will be considered rare, prized, and sought after for their quality, their tone, and because they have something special that's simply put... not found elsewhere. We trust you'll enjoy your Rocketfire instrument for years and will be as proud to play it as we are to build it!