Colors and Finishes

All Rocketfire Guitars come with a color and finish uniquely suited to you.  You can choose from original vintage colors or your own custom hue. All the below photos are swatches from my guitars. There are still some Fender Custom Colors (i.e. Shell Pink, Shoreline Gold, etc.) missing. Order one today and fill in the blanks! 

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Sonic Blue
Dakota Red
50's White Blond Trans
Lake Placid Blue
Butterscotch Blond
'62 3 Tone Sunburst
'54 2 Tone Sunburst
Aged Olympic White
Olympic Over 3Tone Sunburst
Fiesta Red
Inca Over 3 Tone Sunburst
Daphne Blue Over Sunburst
Gold Sparkle Metallic
SRV (discontinued)