Rocketfire Shop Tour

PLEASE NOTE: No further orders for guitar builds will be taken until at least July 2021 due to schedule. Check with us further updates at that point. Thank you!!

Nick Sorenson

10' light weight Select Alder boards ready to be cut into guitar body blanks... maybe one of yours will be here:

Several 10' Alder Boards

This vintage DeWalt radial is cutting the boards to length for a Strat body (this saw is as old as the original Fender guitars and is still razor knife accurate!):

Radial Arm Saw

The new CNC!! ( I love labor saving devices:) )


Router Table setup for Roundover (see some things are still done by hand!):


Bodies fresh off the contour shaper, rounded over and ready for final sanding... We're getting there! Look at that beatiful Alder grain!! You should smell this stuff when it's being worked! It's great... like fresh popcorn! mmm!!:

Final Sanding

The near finished product after several hours. Now that was easy wasn't it.......... You didn't see all the hand sanding involved!! =) :



Freshly Potted Strat pickup sets (Maybe yours!!!) The vintage spec wire smells great! Old... Like the real thing:


Necks! A stack of Rosewood ready for machining and a pair of Maples ready for trussrods: 

Maple Necks Slotted

Squaring off the heel of a Maple neck, rough cut, dots milled and ready: 

Dewalt Squared

Tuning Keys Drilled Nut Slotted and almost ready for the router: 

Nut Slots


Nick using a hand scraper to remove any marks left by the power planer: